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A surprise at valentines day

Geplaatst 20 feb. 2019 05:28 door Jack Vlassak   [ 9 apr. 2019 08:13 bijgewerkt ]
Een prachtige brief in het Engels geschreven door Marwa, leerling uit klas 1BK. Iedere keer weer ontroerend hoe talentvol onze leerlingen zijn!
Hier onder kun je de brief lezen.

A surprise at valentines day

Once there was a girl named Kylie and 15 year old she loved games she used to play them all the time.

But her parents tought it was bad for her to play video games so much she played them 24/7

she had all the games in the world. But one day… she got blind because of playing so much games. Her eyes could not take it anymore. She cried and wished she had never played that many games and her parents they were mad and very upset. She then didn't go to school anymore and her friends asked her parents why but they didn't say anything.

She had 2 best friends one was a boy and the other was a girl

the boy was named  Jace and 16 years old  was and the girl Veronica was also 15 years old. they always had so much fun together but because Kylie did not come to school anymore Veronica left her as a best friend and made other friends and she didn't like Kylie anymore.

after a whole month Jace started to worry alot about Kylie she didn't reply to his text or phone calls. So he went to her house. Her mother opened the door and looked very shocked she said ´´Jace what are you doing here?´´ he asked her  if everything was she said nothing.. and then suddenly Kylie screamed ´´MOM IS THAT JACE?´´ she said yes and Jace asked if he was allowed to enter her room and they were alright with it. When Jace saw Kylie he didn't know what was going on but she said that she was blind and he got shocked. At first he didn't believe her. After a while  he began to. He helped her to walk without falling over things, he really was the best of all friends for her *months later*

Kylie went to the doctor and got eye drops which actually helped her eyes alot it even helped her eyes so much that she began to see a little bit again. A few  weeks later she began to go to school but had no friends other than Jace. She didn't really mind because he was so nice to her and special.

They always were together  after a whole year she could see again she thought that she actually wasn't blind but just had something less worse she was so happy she had a lot of friends but actually Veronica turned into her bully. She hated her too now because she didn't care about her not coming to school at all. But Jace started to get feelings for her.. he was too shy to tell her but he knew if he really liked her he had to do it one day.. and he waited till that day… a couple years later Kylie was a grown up woman and Jace was a grown up man Kylie didn't play video games anymore she became a scientists and was very smart Jace was still his old self but didn't mind at all because the only thing he had on mind was that day when he began to get feelings for Kylie and the scariest part was for him that tomorrow was valentine's day so he had to say it to her. *the day of valentine's* he went to her house and got some flowers and chocolates he was sure she would like it!

When he was there she opened the door like she was waiting for him and Jace called her name and carefully began to talk to her. He was very nervous but excited too at the same time. When Jace finally told her she was shocked but the good thing was for Jace was that… SHE LIKED HIM BACK!

they became a happy couple and years later they had 2 children and they were girls they where named Jessica and Rose and they told their whole story about their childhood they were a happy family.

                                                                                             The end geschreven door Marwa 1BK